Midstream Reading Series  🌉 

Blond Boy Cover Original poems and stories read/performed by their creators:

Jim Bohen,  Lucia May,  John Wenstrom,  Jasmin Ziegler 
I will be reading from Blond Boy on Thursday July 7, 7:30–8:30pm,  2016 
at the Blue Moon building,  corner of 39th and (3820) East Lake.
Upstairs. Entrance just west of the Blue Moon coffee house; up the stairs and to the left. Not wheel-chair accessible. Plentiful street parking.
Air conditioned.
Best to arrive 10-20 minutes early to get coffee and food/dessert from the Blue Moon, and to be seated by 7:30 so we can begin on time. And, the venue will easily hold about 30; after that, standing or floor-sitting room only. The early bird gets the seat. Please occupy the close seats first. Be an up-front person.
Special Song Prelude 6:45-7:15  Jess and John Wenstrom have been playing and singing country and Appalachian songs together for as long as Jess can remember (John being Jess’s dad). Their current name for their band is 39 Brackets. 🎵