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Evening Street Press announces the May 1, 2014 publication of Blond Boy by Lucia May,  finalist for the Helen Kay Chapbook Poetry Prize. (link to announcementlink to press for orders, also available from and

Blond Boy describes a lesser-known Nazi program and the long arm of its brutality. It is a family memoir in poems.

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           Praise for Blond Boy:

Lucia May writes without any sentimentality whatsoever… she compresses enormous emotion into tense spare lines to create poetry that is fierce and true.

  • –Keith Maillard, author of The Clarinet Polka

Blond Boy is a tough, intense collection. It is blunt in its truth-telling, and ambitious in its range. I won’t forget these poems.

  • –Deborah Keenan, newest books published in 2013 are From Tiger to            Prayer and so she had the world.)

Lucia weaves…poetry that is brutally honest while being “bathed in the light” of forgiveness, showing grief and loss unsentimentally, with a glance, a gesture, an image that glows vividly on the page.

  • –Linda Back McKay, author of The Next Best Thing and Out of the Shadows: Stories of Adoption and Reunion

…a story well worth telling…it comes wonderfully alive in all its mesmerizing details.  These memories will dance in our minds for a long time.

  • –Mary Logue, author of Hand Work and Trees

Lucia May writes exquisite poetry that shines light in the darkness.

  • –Robert O Fisch, author of Light from the Yellow Star: a Lesson of Love from the Holocaust

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